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A notebook about a life of exploring, the recreational vehicles that get us there and the industry surrounding it all.

Lithionics has been around for over 10 years. Approx 4 years ago they started to gain traction in the RV industry. They’re a class leader in lithium battery systems for RVs, not only in quality control of each part but in how well each battery is built. Victron is the closest I can find to having a similar quality and ethos.

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There is something about fresh Dicor levelling out feels satisfying.

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One of the great channels about RV travel in Japan – Coupy Channel. It's the perfect mix of 8bit music, Japanese culture and exploration in a small Kei Car RV.

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When plugs go bad, they go bad in a special way. This plug decided to separate inside and then create a high-resistance short slowly burning the plug to death.

#rvtech #electrical

When a trailer is sealed up without allowing water to escape or the unit to breathe, the water gets trapped inside. It starts to deteriorate the unit without any visual issues.

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One of the things todo on 12v wiring is using crimp style connections. It’s Z240 code compliant and it’s safer.

Even better yet, use a heat shrink butt connector for added weather proofing.

Unfortunately whoever fixed up this nose last did not understand codes or that Proflex does not stick to silicon.

#rvtech #wiring #rvcodes

Electricity flows over the surface of the conductor that is being used. So when the conductor has more smaller strands, you have more surface area, which also helps create less voltage loss along a longer distance.

This DIY solar installer chose cheaper automotive grade wiring and will cause more voltage degradation.

#solar #wiring #rvtech

Found some great documentation from Ram on the Promaster. These documents detail a lot of special information most up-fitters miss.

#upfitter #research

When shading a solar panel, this one has one upped all others.

#solar #rvlife

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